Industry and Academia Driving Innovation in Contingent Talent Pool Engagement

Industry and Academia Driving Innovation in Contingent Talent Pool Engagement

Cornell University’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management team utilizes adaptive algorithms and artificial intelligence to engage resources by areas of interest


Direct Contingent Talent Acquisition

Acquiring qualified contingent talent at a moment’s notice can be an arduous task for any organization. The competitive landscape of today’s extended workforce makes it difficult to find and attract the most qualified candidates during the brief time they may be available. As such, direct access to and a curated relationship with talent is essential for companies attempting to better connect with their contingent workforce.


With ELEVATE Mobile Direct from Elevated Resources, companies can plug into and build their own talent pools of highly qualified, pre-vetted resources. Companies gain access to the solution’s powerful Talent Pool Management Platform to accelerate the sourcing and engagement of these resources for their short-term project needs.


Innovations in Sourcing Talent


Candidate sourcing is the number-one challenge in today’s workforce management programs. Only 36 percent of the workforce is actively looking for a new opportunity at any given time, but an incredible 90 percent is willing to talk and learn more. Elevated Resources is tackling this issue head-on by investing in an innovative new partnership with a team from Cornell University’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management. This highly specialized team is helping Elevated Resources develop new ways of identifying and establishing long-lasting connections with talent possessing specific skills and industry experience required by its clients.


Building on Elevated Resources’ direct talent pool management platform, Johnson researchers are piloting an industry-first approach to identifying, enrolling and engaging contingent resources in talent pools specific to their specialty and areas of interest. These highly-targeted talent pools are defined by skill set, industry experience, location and other important factors in matching talent with clients’ needs. The team is helping the company optimize its approach to connecting with talent by adapting predictive algorithms and leveraging a version of machine learning to continually refine its online marketing analytics and resource pool classifications.


The Johnson team is charged with understanding current market capabilities, identifying potential innovations in connecting and curating direct talent pools, assessing feasibility of various strategies both short term and longer term, selecting a use case to develop, building a proof of concept and conducting a “live” demonstration of the innovation. The company and team are planning to demonstrate a beta version of the application in the coming months.


Employers – Next-Generation Contingent Talent Pool Engagement

Elevated Resources is pushing industry boundaries with its mobile-first talent pool membership and engagement platform. The platform is loaded with a rich feature set developed to enhance connections between employers and their contingent pools of talent. The mobile-first channel includes:


  • Talent Pool Curation
  • AI-based Sourcing
  • Push Notifications & Job Requirements
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Billing/Settlements
  • Talent Profiles
  • News feeds & Forums
  • Direct Messaging
  • Event Notifications
  • Member Directory




Employers can now leverage the mobile platform to engage with resources and push job requirements to highly-defined and targeted pools of contingent talent. Hiring managers are able to search, match, pipeline, shortlist resources for specific positions, and ultimately fill those positions using one of the most efficient processes on the market today. Once the position is filled, employers can manage work assignments with start and end date notifications, onboarding and offboarding, time and expense capture and reporting, and continually engage resources with news broadcasts and direct messaging.


The platform can also be used by employers to promote job events in various locations and targeted to specific talent pools. Employers are able to keep resources engaged with their brand by aggregating company news and talent pool-specific blog posts.


Resources – Long-lasting Engagement

With ELEVATE Mobile Direct, resources are able to subscribe to relevant talent pools and use the mobile platform to stay informed about job opportunities and manage their professional profiles.  Resource profiles are used to maintain current employment status, primary skill sets, certifications, areas of interest and availability. Talent pool members can leverage many of the collaborative features on the platform to engage directly with employers and individual members of the pool. Once engaged on an assignment, members can use to platform to record their time and report any job-related expenses.


About the Team

Cornell University Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

 The Johnson team is composed of students from the Computing and Information Science Masters of Professional Studies (MPS) and Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management (MBA). Their collective experience spans marketing, operations, digital transformation, user experience and robotics.


  • Annamalai Annamalai: MBA `19, BA in Electronics Engineering and Information Systems. Software DevelopmentProject Manager at global manufacturing company for 4 years. Managed digital transformation and developed multiple banking applications.


  • Katie Colton: MBA `20, Programming Supervisor at a sports television station. Focus in on-air programming strategy, college partnerships, and Nielsen ratings analysis.


  • Lily Englert: MPS ’19 Information Science. Specializes in user experience VR environment and VR education. Mobile design work for the Open Space Institute.


  • Sam Huang: MBA `20, Founder of (credit card & airline rewards comparison service with over 47,000 users) Featured on various media including Fortune, Travel + Leisure, Business Insider, Forbes, New York Post and others.


  • Jun Park: MBA `20, Product Manager of I.O.T robotic vacuums and robotic lawn mower at LG Electronics for 6 years. Products featured in IFA Show, (largest home appliance show) and CES.