Elevated Resources is a leading provider of end-to-end business process outsourcing anchored by a SaaS-based electronic talent pool management platform, for organizations to manage their multiple sources of talent including internal employees, external hires, contingent labor and crowd-sourced work. Drawing on over 15 years of human capital management experience, Elevated Resources develops and implements customized workforce solutions which deliver streamlined, transparent talent pool management processes and measurable savings across the entire enterprise and its talent supply base.

Workforce Management Services

Elevated Resources provides world-class workforce procurement and management solutions designed to assist companies in automating their hiring processes, reduce procurement costs and manage their project resources. Our solution connects companies with talent in real time, creating an integrated procurement solution. By increasing an organization’s ability to effectively manage projects and resources with external entities, our integrated solution improves performance and profitability at all levels of the organization.

TalentConnect (RPO)

Elevated Resources’ on-site, full-service staffing teams are designed to fulfill the comprehensive personnel needs of your organization. Hiring demands and requirements will dictate the composition of the on-site team. Domain-expert recruiters and detail-oriented staffing coordinators provide hiring managers with an accessible, responsive, and professional on-site recruiting team.

Employer of Record Payrolling

Elevated Resources’ payroll services are designed for clients that have identified temporary and contract workers that meet their needs and want to shift the administrative burden and liability of payroll to us. Our cost-effective payroll management is a flexible staffing alternative without long-term hiring commitments.

Direct Talent Acquisition

Acquiring qualified talent can be an arduous task for any organization. The competitive landscape of today’s contingent workforce makes it difficult to find and attract the most qualified candidates during the brief time period when they may be available and looking for new opportunities. As such, direct access to talent is essential for companies attempting to better attract and manage contingent workers.

Strategic Advisory Services

Elevated Resources offers a unique set of advisory services which enables your organization to derive the most value out of its contract staffing relationships.  We also provide strategic direction in risk management and compliance as well as vast expertise in business process reengineering.

Global Resource Tracking

Managing a global contingent workforce requires an inordinate amount of resources, particularly when the workforce spans a variety of special categories and is disbursed across many regions with varying cultural, regulatory and financial requirements. These complexities can be a challenge for companies attempting to manage their contingent workforce globally. Effective solutions must have the flexibility to support different execution models locally while providing a platform to report and manage globally.