The Light Industrial Market


In light industrial environments, worker demand is driven largely by tight production schedules which can vary widely over time and across seasons. Manufacturers often rely on a temporary workforce to supplement their full time workers in aligning a flexible manufacturing capacity with its variable production needs. Fulfilling and managing a temporary workforce poses a number of unique challenges beyond managing an internal workforce. These can include, large volumes of temporary workers required at short notice, highly variable demand for workers over time, high turnover rates, pay rate inconsistencies,multiple and varying shift schedules, job position compliance requirements, and excessive error rates in time reporting and supplier invoicing. These challenges unnecessarily add to the administrative costs, time-to-fill rates and compliance risks found in managing a manufacturer’s temporary workforce.


With this in mind, ELEVATE recently worked with a market-leading MSP channel partner and several of its light industrial customers to enhance its VMS platform support for the light industrial environment by expanding features now embedded in the ELEVATE LI+ (Light Industrial Plus) platform.

The ELEVATE LI+ Architecture


About the ELEVATE Platform


At its core, ELEVATE is a nimble VMS platform designed for flexibility and ease of use in supporting customers’ contingent workforce management processes for professional, clerical and light industrial job categories. For light industrial customers, ELEVATE includes a rich feature set designed to support their unique high-volume, high-turnover environments. ELEVATE is leading the industry with its recently introduced mobile-enabled schedule and shift management capabilities where managers can plan their schedules in advance and then manage their daily, weekly and monthly shifts in real time from their mobile devices. ELEVATE also includes a unique, customer and MSP branded, mobile communications app which contingent labor programs can leverage for communicating to and engaging with all stakeholders involved in the program. The app features one-to-one and one-to-many messaging, event scheduling, employer branding, job requirements and a host of multi-faceted program communications.